Wednesday, 16 February 2011

American Trademark Designs

A nice Oxfam find t'other day - a 1976 survey of American trademark designs. Magic stuff. Pages of cool 70s design. Lots of familiar stuff, but some obscure beauty as well. Some of my favourites for you...

Triadex Corp
Don't know about you, but that screams 70s dystopian sci-fi at me.

'Grand Prix' for the John Frankenheimer film

Amazing use of motion lines. Love, love, love this design.

Information Science Inc


Parker Outdoor World
rogue lion in among the sports!

First Isaiah Corporation (a religious group from Philadelphia)
very grumpy religious lion.

Those are some of my favourites, but there are hundreds of other spectacular logos in this gem of a book. Got to love Oxfam.

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Hurk said...

looks like an amazing book. Top one looks like ol' Tharg.