Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Last night I watched the Creepshow Two DVD which I won at Dave's Halloween Nerdgasm Quiz.
This is the first time I've watched this film since I was at school, largely because I'd been taken in by the lie that it's terrible.


Creepshow Two isn't terrible. It's amazing! I mean yeah, it's shit, but it's fucking amazing shit!

Three tales, all appallingly acted full of the worst kind of moralising you could imagine - teenagers getting fucked up for having fun, women knocking people down on the motorway because they're too busy thinking about orgasms, stereotypes of Native Americans that just shouldn't be allowed. It's total schlock! And because of that it's really, really close to the spirit of the comics from which it draws inspiration.

Love it. Definite time for a critical rethink.

Some fantastic holes in the plot too, especially in the second tale, 'The Raft' where a teenager somehow manages to magic two reefers out of nowhere when he's just swum out to a wooden platform in the middle of the lake with no clothes on. Later he gets dragged through the raft and into the water, leaving a massive hole in the wood which totally disappears in the very next shot! WTF?!

But the highlight for me was the nostalgic hammer-blow to the head that this inflicted on me...

Oh my God! I'd completely forgotten this catchphrase!

We chanted this like a mantra for weeks at school after seeing it. I can even picture Dave going up behind girls in the playground and screaming it into their ear! Oh how they screamed! Brilliant! What a trip! What a film!

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