Monday, 7 February 2011

Sales and quizzes

Sacked off yesterday's mart to spend time with the family. Not that the stinkers who roam the carpets of the Royal National aren't family of a sort, you understand, but sometimes a man must put his wife and child before Doom Patrol and Heroclix.

Mr Bishop was in attendance though, and he tells me there were bargains to be had in the 25p boxes where he picked up all four issues of Flex Mentallo for £1. Top score.

I will definitely pencil in next month for some mart(yr)dom. Been too long.

Oh, how I yearn for the smell of old comics and unwashed collectors!

In the meantime, there are bargains to be had at Gosh! Valentine's Day marks the shop's 25th anniversary and to celebrate, Gosh! will be knocking 25% off all trades AND reducing the price on all the back issues in their basement to 25p! That's immense, chums. Don't miss it.

In fact, if you can bare to wait until Sunday, you can pick up some bargains at Gosh and then head over to the Pillars of Hercules in Soho where Big Dave F is hosting a special Valentine's edition of Nerdgasm. It promises to be a lovetastic event full of the usual questions about horror, sci-fi and comics. AND, given it's Valentine's, Dave might get his cock out or something.

Romance chums, it's all about the romance.


eye-melt said...

Alas, if only it were true. They were 50p each! I also got the 4 issues of Trenchcoat Brigade and a Dave Johnson sketchbook out of the same box. Weird thing is the guy is a seasoned regular.

I just remembered- Orbital were there and they had a 2000ad #1 on the wall. They sold it to a guy for £30 because he said it was really tanned. He was a bit of a whiney git. They had a #2 as well, I think was either 40 or 60. I left pretty early, so don't know if it lasted the day.

There were some crazy prices in there though, like Byrne's Uncanny run- I saw 141 going for an eye-watering £75!

Anonymous said...

I want to go to more of those Marts but my stack of unread stuff is too embarrassing as it is.

Still, the addict in me is mightily tempteted by the Gosh sale.