Thursday, 3 February 2011

Last night

Fine doings in a cheap pub.
No Hurk - for sadly he was away with the vomiting bug.
But drinks with Messrs Bishop, French, Wheatley and Dexter.
Very pleasant.
I admit, I sat in a corner and didn't mingle with anyone but those four.
I didn't know anyone and I'm not very good at the whole introduce-yourself-to-strangers mullarkey.
I did chat to Mr Salmond of Gosh! if that counts.
And I bought issue #1 of the Comix Reader - it's really quite good.
Unfortunately, I must also report that McDonalds marinated in lager, rum, whiskey and peach schnapps causes terrible shit fucks to the brain and arse.

Big Dave F


eye-melt said...

That should happen more often. I had a look at Comix Reader through sober eyes, and the good stuff was good, but a little of the other content wasn't so great. Ah well, hats off to them, it's a nice looking thing.

Didn't realise how pissed I got actually, although I'm sure most of the people I spat gobs of drunken conversation onto did. And the man in McDonalds with the 'Ask me about vouchers' on his jacket.

Dom said...

and the sleeping security guard you woke up!

Hurk said...

Sorry i missed you- it's not often that i get pissed off at being stuck in bed for a week.

Anonymous said...

It was cool meeting up with you all last week and talking comics. Definitly should happen more oftern. Next time I'll try to stay out later.