Wednesday, 25 April 2007

New feature

There's a new widget at the bottom of this page.

From now on you can check the week's American comic book releases direct from this blog. I've had to change my blog template to fit it in, but it's useful enough to make that worthwhile I think.

I'm disturbed to see the number of hideously expensive hardcover books that are being released this week. I want four of them but will not buy them no no no no:

The Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Vol 1

The Fantastic Four Omnibus is sweeeeet and I'm sure this will be just as good. I want it, but I already have these issues in cheap essential black and white format so can't really justify the huge expense. God it is nice though.

The EC Archives Weird Science Vol 2

OK I know I said I wouldn't be buying any expensive hardcovers this week, but this one is a given. It's a bargain at that Amazon price too. Of course I should support my local comic shop by buying it from them, but seriously - IT'S £10 CHEAPER ON AMAZON!

The Agents of Atlas HC

I have the floppies, but this hardcover has some awesome looking extras including reprints of several golden age Marvel comics. That makes it a seriously tempting. Once again though I must be strong and say NO!

Punisher War Journal HC

It's taken a lot of effort not to pick up all the back issues of this. I really do need to spend less money on comics though, so I've been waiting for it to appear in trade format.

Marvel are clearly taunting me by releasing it as an expensive harcover. Well fuck them! As eager as I am to read it, I'm going to show some restraint and wait for the cheaper softcover. YES I AM.

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