Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Nick Nacks of the Executioners

I love this panel of an executioner in his front room.

Sorry about lopping off the left hand side of the panel but unfortunately its impossible to scan any of the EC archives properly without ruining the spine.

I'm an EC nut so obviously I'm in a frenzy over these glossy reprints. They're big expensive buggers but my are they pretty.

I had some doubts about the recolouring largely because I think Marie Severin did a perfectly good job in the first place, but thankfully Gemstone have stayed true to the originals and the new colours look fantastic.

As great as the Archives are though, I won't be selling my beat up originals. Most of them are in horrible condition - battered, torn, taped and faded - but there's still a thrill to be had from leafing through original pre-code comics.

Check out this one - that's Marie Severin's autograph on the cover!

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Ben said...

rah, i watched comic book confidential on the train today, which has a lot of interesting ec detail.
it was great seeing them all say that the future was so bright...and then the 90's !