Thursday, 19 April 2007


Sound the air raid sirens because tucked away in Marvel's list of solicitations for July is this beauty...

No cover image as of yet, but never mind, it's enough to know that The House of Ideas are finally reprinting The Invaders!

Best of all I don't own issues #1-8, Marvel Premiere #29-30 or Giant Size Invaders #1 so (issue #9 aside) it's all going to be NEW to me! Gott in Himmel I loves me some World War II superhero action so I do.

Captain America the death of a dream

Yes all those folks who were stupid enough to pay £25 a piece for a copy of Cap #25 in March have already been fleeced. No new suckers are stepping in to fill the breach leaving poor speculators feeling lucky if they can get £3 for those Steve Epting covers which they thought were going to make them rich.

There are still some jokers out there who are convinced there's a fortune to be made though.

I imagine this chap thinks he's going to coin in a similiar amount of dosh as Ed Brubaker from the death of Cap...

I will definitely pick up this book from Twomorrows Publishing...

It's got an awesome Art Adams cover and, well, it's all about apes for pete's sake.

Can't go wrong with apes. Especially superpowered apes.

I have a feeling this one (also from Twomorrows) won't be quite as enthralling.

Seriously, is there really a market out there for this book? I can understand that the unseen art would be interesting, but I can't believe that anyone would really pay $24 to read an interview with John Romita's wife.

"Yah, he was always drawing my John. Him and Junior used to fight over pencils all the time"


Ben said...

got that thunderbolts.. yeah its good, and i read new avengers, its all gone a bit serious at the house of ideas. jesus. what next ken loach directing spiderman 4?
mmm read two invincible trades in last 3 days.. fantastic stuff.

Dom Sutton said...

Stopped reading Avengers about one week into Civil War because it wasn't making any sense. Only Bendis title I read now is Ultimate Spidey - another quality issue this week by the way.

Invincible rocks. It will be a happy day when I get the next trade. Ditto Walking Dead.

Ben said...

yeahyeah invicibles is a treat. I'll be sad when i have caught up.