Friday, 6 April 2007

The Weekly Shop #5

Violence. There's a lot of it about. Especially in this week's comics.

Yes sir, we've got

Throat slitting

disembowelment (kung fu style)

cat fighting

good old fashioned punching

and of course...

What a week. A week that gave us Wolfskin #3 and Midnighter #6. Two comics, 1,000 gory deaths and a whole heap of fun.

Wolfskin is, I understand, over and done with. Warren Ellis only wrote the thing for a bet. He won and so did the handful of people who picked up these three nasty little comics. Not much to say really, apart from the fact that its Conan ramped up to the power of 10.

The lovely art by Juan Jose Ryp looks like something straight out of a 1980's Fighting Fantasy book and to British men of a certain age (such as my sad self) that can only be a good thing.

A mucky little gem.

Midnighter goes on though. Glenn Fabry takes over pencilling duties from Chris Sprouse this issue, but Garth Ennis hangs around to do the writing and produces something quite brilliant.

I don't want to spoil the issue by talking too much about the plot, but know this fan boys its got ninjas and kung fu and..and...if like me you have the DVD box set of The Water Margin and still go apeshit for Monkey then you are going to love this comic.

As they say on E-Bay: Speedy delivery, excellent packaging, will use again. A+++!

You know what? If I see a comic with Guy Ritchie's name on the cover I'm probably not going to buy it. Except I did. I bought it expecting it to be awful, but Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper is really very good.

The fact that it has nothing to do with Guy Ritchie or his gamekeeper helps. There's some bullshit in the back about how the whole thing was his idea and how he looks closely at all the scripts, but clearly he's just been paid a shitload of money by Virgin to put his name to the thing. It's actually written by Andy Diggle and he knocks out a damn fine comic which plays out like an X-Box 360 shooter and is strong enough to make me want to pick up issue 2 when it comes out.

I didn't pick up the Alpha Flight Classic trade which came out this week. I don't need to because I own all the originals. It's not very cool to admit it, but Alpha Flight was my favourite Marvel title as a kid so obviously I'm going to be one of the first in the admittedly short queue for any new Alpha Flight comic even if it is called Omega Flight.

Enjoyed issue one a lot. Some nice art from Scott Kolins and a fantastic seven page fight between Sasquatch and the Wrecking Crew which continues next issue. I'll be there.

Ant-Man was excellent as per usual. More perving over girls in the shower from our erstwhile anti-hero and an overload of thought bubbles just to piss off everyone who's been moaning about their re-emergence in Bendis's Mighty Avengers.

Even with the aforementioned Mighty Avengers all over the front it's doubtful whether Ant Man is going to attract enough new readers to keep it going for much longer, but never mind I'm enjoying it while I can.

Other stuff I bought this week: Alter Ego #67, The Batman Detective trade by Paul Dini, Elk's Run trade and last but not least 2000AD which gave me something enjoyable to read on the loo.


Ben said...

i picked up the gamekeeper on your say so. it was okay.. i never would have gone near it otherwise.. finaly got the strontium dog book. yay! also got the midnighter.. ahh i love that old gay batman he's great.
the highlight was going to the comic shop with will in his new spiderman costume. My fellow comics fans were in shock! hurrah.

Dom Sutton said...

Sorry you didn't think the gamekeeper was so good. I really liked it and think it could be a cracker.

Next time you go to the comic shop with Will I think you should dress in a spidey suit.

Happy Easter

Ben said...

no gamekeeper was okay (worth buying) not okay (rolls eyes, whatever)
yeah, im toying with getting a doctor strange esq cape like kim newman wears. dunno, guess im old enough now not to give a shit.