Sunday, 22 April 2007

The Weekly Shop #7

Over at Jeff Parker's website Mr Parker reveals that he had to cut stuff from the latest issue of Marvel Adventures: The Avengers.

I can't see that anyone would really have been offended if they'd left that scene in. No kid under the age of 10 is going to get the risque references to sex and STD's in the book anyway, but the adults will and that's what makes this comic so good.

Better than good in fact...brilliant. Honestly I think Marvel Adventures is the comics equivalent of Doctor Who or Shrek, namely a top quality piece of entertainment which will make kids happy while still tipping enough of a wink to adults to keep them coming back for more. It's rapidly turning into one of my favourite monthlies and is one of the very few that makes me laugh out loud.

There's not too many laughs to be had in issue #1 of Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer, well not intentional ones anyway. If this clip makes you chuckle though you'll find FF's DD pee your pants funny...

God I love that clip.

As a fan of this kind of thing I'm clearly not going to pass up the chance to buy a comic based on a piece of 1970's fantasy art. And as comics based on pieces of 1970's fantasy art go FF's DD is pretty awesome.

Yes By Crom, this is a comic that cranks up the cheese levels to 11.

Whether its the kid who survives the slaughter of his entire village by hiding in the cellar...

Or the star-crossed lovers from different social classes...

Mum's gone to Icevald
(I realise only people in Britain will get that caption)

this book is an A-Z of fantasy cliches. But once you come to terms with that its really, really good and packed with hilarious panels like this...


And of course it does have that AWESOME Frazetta pic on the cover.

I'm definitely on board for the duration.

Which is good because I need another comic to buy as I managed to successfully drop Ultimate X-Men this week. Woo-hoo! It takes iron will to drop a comic I'm not enjoying but I did it. High-Fives!

I Still got my dose of the Ultimate universe with Ultimate Spidey #108, an issue in which Moon Knight schizs out and dresses as Ronin to beat up Spidey for the Kingpin - kerchinng! Easy sell.

ALSO COMING HOME WITH ME THIS WEEK: 2000AD, Judge Dredd Megazine, Nightly News #5, Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four #1 (More Jeff Parker magic), Marvel Essentials X-Men Volume 1 (This was in the damaged stock bin at Gosh and cost me £1. Yes £1 for the first 24 issues of The X-Men) and issues #827-#831 of Detective comics (because I enjoyed the trade so much that I can't be bothered waiting for the next one to show up).

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Ben said...

ahhh John Milius. he is a god. Also check out his startling Dillenger and Red Dawn. Lately he's been producing HBO's ROME which has been amazing.