Monday, 28 January 2008

Crap acronyms

London teenagers are slicing each other up with alarming regularity at the moment. Soon they'll all be dead, which is good news for those of us who have to sit on London buses and listen to the appalling music they play on their mobile phones, but bad news for teenagers.

Anyway clearly the madness has to stop, so burberry baseball caps off to the smart fella who came up with this hard hitting campaign...

Yes! Solve This Ongoing Problem!

Genius, I particularly like the use of a corkscrew for the letter T.

Buy your STOP! T-shirt here

I'm sure your money will be ploughed back into the battle against knife crime. The guy selling the T-shirts probably just forgot to mention that on his auction page.

PS Apologies to anyone who thought this post was going to be about AIM, RAID, MODOK or SHIELD.

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Anonymous said...

This is amazing. I might actually have to get one of these. It's an acronym so brilliant works for almost anything bad! Famine, disease, global warming. They're all covered!