Monday, 14 January 2008

A few quick recommendations while my baby is asleep!

Well I've been ploughing through my comics backlog (amazing how quickly it builds up when you have a job and a baby to think about) and have a few recommendations for you.

Number #1 on the LLC list: The End League #1

If this hadn't been written by Rick Remender I'd never have picked it up. After all who needs ANOTHER superhero team book?

Set in a super-villain run post-apocalyptic world where 1 out of every 1000 people has superpowers, the End League is essentially a rehash of ideas which have already been explored in Wanted, Top 10, The Authority, The Ultimates and Kingdom Come.

Seen it, read it got the T-Shirt etc. I wanted to hate this, but it's done so well that it doesn't seem to matter that we've seen it all before.

It's doing Remender down to say that he does a great homage, but errrm....he does. Just as Fear Agent is a love letter to EC's Weird Science so The End League references and pays tribute to the big superteam books.

Yet for all the familiarity, there are enough new ideas in this to make it an exciting read. If you're in any way jaded by the super-hero genre though, you aren't going to like it.

Number #2 recommendation Army at Love

Regular readers will know that I've been blathering on for some time about Special Forces and how it's the ONLY book out there that's tackling the American occupation of Iraq.


Army at Love is a corker that cocks a snook at the war and the people running it while also finding time to send up corporate America and the apathy which it fosters.

Oh and it's by Rick Veitch.

There's a cheap trade of the first few issues available, the cover is plastered in good reviews. Rightly so. Top quality stuff.

Recommendation #3 Gravel #0

Starts in Iraq, but that's where the similarity to Army at Love ends in this typically gore spattered Warren Ellis/Avatar offering.

I loved the Bond style prelude to the main story. And hey, a secret agent combat wizard...what's not to like.

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