Saturday, 5 January 2008

Slightly drunk Friday night/Saturday morning

So the festive season is well and truly over. Thank fuck. It means my day/evening job settles down a bit and I have more time to devote to my missus, the babby and comics.

Seriously, while you cunts are living it up with your mince pies, bucks fizz and crackers I'm working more often and harder than at any other time of the year.


New Year?

Glad to fucking see the back of them chum. BAH HUMBUG!

Sadly, I'm not free tomorrow (or today as it is now) or I'd be making a trip to Orbital comics to meet Brian Wood and get my copy of Northlanders and Local signed. As it is though I'm in St Albans with the missus and her chums so I can't go.

I shall make sure to be at Orbital for this though (pasted in from Facebook so excuse the shite formatting)...

The Orbital Sale!!!

Sale Starts 25th Jan - 28th Jan!!

Comics & Collectibles - Manga - Designer Toys

* 50% off Back Issues
* 20% off Silver Age
* 10% off Graphic Novels
* 10% Toys
* 1000s of Comics for just 50p

* Up to 50% off selected Manga
* Up to 50% off selected Toys
* Up to 50% off selected Designer Toys

Orbital Comics - 148 Charing X Road, London WC2H 0LB
Tel: 0207 2407672

Orbital Manga - 4c Orion House, Upper St Martins Lane, London WC2H 9NY
Tel: 0207 2405577

Orbital Designer Toys - 10-11 Moor Street, London W1D 5NH
Tel: 0207 4344507

Should be a few bits and bobs worth picking up.


So as I say, a lot quieter at work today which gave me the chance to pop out for a few pints and surf the net for comic book news. I spent a good chunk of the evening marvelling at THIS

Yes, it seems some rich fella has paid John Byrne a huge amount of dosh to draw his adolescent wank fantasy of a comic. Jeez, how the mighty have fallen. I grew up idolising Byrne for his work on X-Men, Alpha Flight and the Fantastic Four and now here he is taking the coin from some dufus.

How many words does the guy want to fit into those balloons anyway?


Many of my blog posts (including this one) have been cobbled together rather hastily over the last couple of weeks, often when very tired and/or drunk. Sadly this resulted in me going off on a small rant about the lack of decent horror comics while completely forgetting that the first two issues of Crawl Space have been rather magnificent. Sorry about that FEAR FANS!


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