Thursday, 24 January 2008

Shopping list

I'm somewhat disheartened by the fact that I've run out of room for comics, but I've never let reality interfere with my need to clog up my life with more junk and so plan to make my way to the Orbital sale tomorrow. Hu-fucking-zahhh!

Along with the piles of half priced yellowing tat that will no doubt find their way into my nerd sack, I'll also be picking up some brightly coloured, sweet smelling new comics. Here's my shopping list...

Comics Now #1

A new magazine produced by the folk behind the Comic Geek Speak podcast. Written by fans for fans. It has a huge article on Crisis on Infinite Earths, so I'm sold.

Wonder Woman #16

Nazis v Apes! FUCK YEAH!

Amazing Spider-Man #548

Throwaway pop culture at it's brightest and best. Now if only I could force myself to throw it away instead of carefully sealing it in plastic and storing it in an overflowing long box.

Astonishing X-Men #24

That nice man Mr Whedon is back with issue #24 of his enjoyable X book. It's the only X-Men title I can be bothered with these days.

Marvel Zombies 2 #4 (of 5)

BRAINSSSSSSS! Yeah it's a bit tired, but this still has it's moments.

Order #7

Sigh. Only three more issues to go after this one. What a swizz. A savvy team book that deserved more of a chance than Marvel are giving it.

Dan Dare #3 (of 7)
Mad Dan Dare: Man of the Future obsessed with the past. An excellent take on a British icon by a twisted Irishman. Plus every issue comes with a real advert for space travel on the back. Top stuff

The Ultimates. Vol 3. Number 2
Just kidding.

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