Saturday, 12 January 2008


Much excitement at Gosh! comics over the forthcoming Alan Moore signing. I heard one chap asking staff how many books he would be allowed to bring to be autographed.

He was told: "Two maximum. One of those has to be Lost Girls. And NO Watchmen!"

I'm still considering taking a copy of Barely Legal along.


I've been following the furore over the retconning of Spider-man with detached interest. I prefer my Spidey as a wise-cracking penniless singleton, so I'm not overly disappointed to see that Marvel have ditched his marriage to MJ and sent him back home to live with Aunt May.

I can't comment on the way in which this was achieved as I haven't read the One More Day story where everything was changed. Obviously everyone else out there (including a couple of very angry fat stinkers in Gosh!) thinks it was a bag of bollocks. Happen they're right.

You can't knock the first issue of the reboot though. I only picked it up out of curiosity, but Brand New Day was a top quality mainstream Marvel book. Yes I could have done with a few more pictures of Spidey swinging through Manhattan, but there was still enough excellent Steve McNiven art to keep me happy and Dan Slott writes a good knockabout, fast moving, smart talking Spidey.

Not so sure about this three times a month business, but my interest level has been raised enough to give the next issue a try.


A comic book ad from 1977 for you...

...Kids these days don't know they're born!

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mr wheatley said...

yeah not too worried about spiderman. Its a real problem for the older comics companies.. and i blame Alan Moore and Frank Miller! it was they who brought in the 'gritty' 'realistic' comic style in the 80's. up to that point nobody had really noticed that the characters hadnt actually aged. Superman and Batman are 100 years old arnt they by now? spiderman is 60 odd years old? so then they start ageing spidey and marking the passage of time.. and its bollocks.. completley warps his character, everything that was good is ruined.. meh