Monday, 10 March 2008

A brief trip to Borders/My girlfriend reviews Doctor Who #1

Nipped into our local Borders today to get out of the rain and have a mooch about in the graphic novel section. It's not all that bad really, stocks all the big Marvel and DC titles + a few of the old indie classics (Maus, American Splendour etc etc). Standard Borders fare.

One point worth mentioning is the new section for floppies. Excellent news, no?! Well maybe. Sadly I don't think it's going to last. Take a look at these pics...

Yup, they've pinned it to the end of a magazine rack and hidden it behind a massive plastic box of HELLO! magazines. Seriously, no casual browser is even going to notice it's there. Even if you do see it, you're not going to be able to browse through the titles as it's physically impossible to get in between the shelf and the HELLO! box.

And listen to this, they're asking £3.25 per comic! WTF!? I can't imagine that they'd sell anything at those prices. Anyone mug enough to pay that premium is probably too stupid to find the cunningly hidden things anyway.

Terrible job.


Picked up IDW's new Doctor Who comic. It's OK. Nothing special.

That's my incisive review out of the way, now here are the thoughts of my girlfriend: "Urgggh. It looks horrible. What terrible art." (She thinks all comic art is terrible so this is not a surprise)

Pauses to flick through.

"This is intended for children, why are you reading it?"

Stares intently at artist's impression of David Tennant.

"I don't think David Tennant would be very happy with this"

Stick those on the back cover of your collected edition IDW!

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