Friday, 7 March 2008

Shopping List

Damn this shit licking bug! I was sure I'd kicked it, but fuck me, I wake up this morning and it's back for a nausea inducing day trip to my stomach. Thus my plans to fill the nerd sack before heading down to Clapham for an evening of heavy drinking with old friends were a complete write off.

I'll be fucked if I'm letting the thing keep me away from the nerd emporiams of London's West End tomorrow though. I'm going to pick the following sequential treats up on the way to work if it kills me...

Green Lantern #28
Quill! Quill!

Northlanders #4
Bleak viking angst from Sven The Returned, the most disagreeable main character in a comic since Eric O'Grady donned the Ant-man armour.

Teen Titans Year One #3 (of 6)
Oh you know, this isn't very good. It takes about two minutes to read and is clearly intended for people considerably younger and less jaded than me, but the pictures are pretty and well, I've started so I might as well finish.

Boys #16
I have this on the list, but I'm actually debating whether to pick it up or not. Haven't got round to reading the last few issues yet because I got a bit fed up with it all. I don't know, it just seems like Ennis is laying the sex and violence on with a trowel. It's stopped being shocking and is now just routine and perhaps boring.

Amazing Spider-Man #552
Hasn't gone wrong yet. In fact it's been so good that I've ditched Ultimate Spidey which (Immonen art aside) has gone down the pan. This issue sees the debut of Bob Gale on script. He wrote Back to the motherfucking Future for feck's sake!!! RESPECT!

Twelve #3 (of 12)
I picked up the 2nd printing of Issue #1 last week and, (despite the fact that it's written by Straczynski), found this tale of Golden age heroes emerging from suspended animation to be pretty good fun.

End League #2
Ignore the fact that you've seen it all before and instead revel in the sight of a lobotomised Thor going apeshit. Aahhh, sweeet comic goodness!

I will try to resist the temptation to buy THIS but it's going to be difficult, because let's face it, as expensive as it is, it's a thing of beauty.


mr wheatley said...

its true! the boys is a bore! last few i could hardly be bothered to read.. too much of a good thing.. i think it is starting to suffer from not being in an existing universe..

that iron man thing.. yeah, that looks good, ive got a lot of the originals of that.. theres a brilliant on where he just trolls around pissed up.. and almost dies on the streets of new york in the snow. Great stuff.. I think a Drunk based comic could be a thing of beauty.

Dom Sutton said...

Right. You've made up my mind for me, I'm not buying The Boys and I AM getting the expensive Iron Man book which I can't really afford at the moment.