Tuesday, 25 March 2008

L L C Recommends

That Marvel Premiere Classic book, "Iron Man: Demon In A Bottle" I was on about the other week is great. I have a couple of minor quibbles, the main one being that the dust jacket has a shiny black background that gets scuffed mighty easily, but the story itself is of course a classic.

I'm sure that Micheline and Layton meant it to be the comics equivalent of The Lost Weekend, but in truth it just ends up being a blast that left me wishing that Iron Man was drunk all the fucking time. Honestly, forget the sober Stark currently running SHIELD, BORING! We need drunk Tony back so we can have more scenes like this one...


Oopsh! I'shmasshed a winder!

This is just such a great bit of drunk behaviour. It actually made me laugh out loud when I read it. Look at that wiggly trail he's left behind him! Ha Ha. WTG Iron Man!

It gets better though. Scanning police radio frequencies the pissed up crime fighter receives word of a derailment involving a train loaded with dangerous chemicals...

This is the superhero equivalent of that moment in the pub when you're utterly bladdered and try to carry three pints back to the table at the same time. Oh God, indeed...

Fantastic, we've all been there. You've made a complete drunken arse of yourself, no-one wants to listen to you anymore and the only thing to do is leave. So that's what Iron Man does. He just jets away in silence, leaving the cops to deal with the consequences of the awful chemical spillage which is so bad that it requires evacuation of everyone in a five mile radius.

God bless you drunken Iron Man, may your glass remain forever full!

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