Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Shopping list

Is it that time of the week already? Damn.

My wallet took a fearful pounding last week (that Iron Man hardback cost me £16.99) so I'm thankful that tomorrow's trip to the comic shops of London's West End looks like being a cheaper excursion. Here's what'll be lining the old nerd sack this week...

Green Lantern Corps #22
The Corps isn't half as good as Green Lantern itself, but when you become as involved in a story as I have with GL over the past year, it becomes essential to buy everything connected with it. I'm not saying this is bad either, if you like some of the bit part players in the main title you'll love it.

Wonder Woman #18
Hmm, that last story fizzled out worryingly towards the end, still there was enough excellence about Gail Simone's first two issues to see me through and keep me on board for the moment.

Doctor Who #2
Buying this guarantees more dirty looks from my girlfriend. She's right to think that I'm too old to be reading it, but it's a Doctor Who comic for Christ's sake! What am I supposed to do?

Astounding Wolf-Man #5
I get the feeling that this isn't going down as well as Invincible or the Walking Dead which is a shame because I like it a lot. Be it superheroes, zombies or werewolves, Kirkman does soap opera comics better than anyone else out there. This one is still getting going, but it's definitely gathering pace now and I'm sure that given the chance it'll become every bit as essential as Invincible or Walking Dead.

Gutsville #3 (of 6)
Blimey, it's been so long since issue #2 that I'd completely forgotten about this odd little comic. What can I tell you? There's this community that lives in the belly of a huge sea monster and they're all rather weird. Yeah that about sums it up. A bit like the Klarion the Witch Boy/Seven Soldiers mini.

Amazing Spider-Man #553
AS-M #552 was by far the weakest in the new series so far. Writer Bob Gale loaded his script with heavy handed expository dialogue that might have been an intentional nod to the glory days of Stan Lee, but which felt out of place here. Phil Jimenez's art is nice, but I get the feeling that Gale's issues are going to be the ones I look forward to least. Never mind at least we get Slott back in a few weeks.

Thunderbolts #119
Look I'll buy most nearly everything Warren Ellis writes, so while Thunderbolts has been a bit off of late I'm still picking it up. About time Norman got that goblin outfit on now though don't you think? I mean we've had nearly a year of him threatening to do it.

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