Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Football Heroes

Sorry, I've been too busy writing betting previews for the upcoming Euro 2008 football tournament to do much of anything else.

While I work on a newspaper sports desk and moonlight as a football betting tipster, I realise that most fans of comics don't like sport. For those who do like both, check out THIS LINK for some nice Panini sticker style portraits of the past winners of the European Championship.

Ah, takes me back to happy days spent swapping stickers as a child - Got, got, got, need, got, got, need etc.

I think Germany 1980 are my favourites...

All contained in a book by these people.

Here's their take on Zidane as the Mekon...


Brian Doan said...

Hey, nothing wrong with mixing comics and sports, although I must shamefully admit my knowledge of soccer/football is limited to voracious World Cup watching every four years, and reading Nick Hornby. (: (My old cable system used to carry Fox Soccer Channel, which was nice, but the new one doesn't). What sports do you cover, mostly?

Dom Sutton said...

Football (soccer). I do the results and stats for The Daily Mirror and write match previews for the Racing and Football Outlook.