Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Shopping list

Euro 2008 betting previews in the bag, Creepshow special edition DVD arrived in the post, new comic day tomorrow. Aaah 'tis good to be alive sometimes.

I might not have had the chance to read last week's comics yet, but that's not going to stop me from stuffing tomorrow's batch of sequential based goodies in the old nerd sack. Here's my shopping list...

Green Lantern Corps #24
The Sinestro Corps war rumbles on in this impressive back-up to Green Lantern. If spandex clad aliens punching holes in each other's heads is your thing you'll love GLC, if not then, well, I pity you.

Wonder Woman #20
This is just good old fashioned superpowered fun. Fights and stuff with a bit of a lurrve interest for the ladeeez going on in the background. Read it, enjoy it, forget it. Nothing wrong with that.

Project Superpowers #3
Not as good as Marvel's The Twelve frankly, but I'm still a sucker for Golden Age shenanigans so I'm on board for the duration.

Amazing Spider-Man #559
Look, I'm two issues behind on this so you'll have to forgive me if what I'm about to say is out of date, but isn't it about time an A list villain appeared in Spider-Man? We're 14 issues in to this new run and there's still no sign of any of Spidey's old foes. I mean, come on we should have at least of had the fucking Vulture by now. Sheesh!

newuniversal shockfront #1 (of 6)
Oh my, you mean this isn't dead after all? I'll probably have to go back and reread all the previous issues to remember what was happening. Last I recall Johnny Depp and Nicole Kidman were schlepping around some ancient temple while Bruce Willis and Sawyer from Lost were busy killing people. There's a new artist on board now so who knows if the celebrities will still feature.

Thunderbolts #120
More Warren Ellis, but is it good Warren Ellis? Hmmm. Not sure any more. The trouble with Thunderbolts is that after a promising start the story seems to have meandered off down a blind alley. I have no idea what's going on and to be honest I'm not wholly convinced Ellis does either. Unless Norman puts that fucking Goblin mask on THIS ISSUE, I could well be dropping Thunderbolts.

Twelve #5 (of 12)
Oooh I'm looking forward to this one, which is surprising because I'm not a big fan of Staczzzzzzynski's work. He's working with a large cast here, yet giving us enough on each character to keep interest in the Twelve as a whole high. There's a bit of a Watchmenny type vibe to the whole thing which I quite like.

Right that's it, I'm off to watch Creepshow and forget about football.

Tarahh chucks.


mr wheatley said...

have you had a look at eisner/miller?
just reading it now.. very interesting.

Dom Sutton said...

nah have't I'm afraid. Just read the latest Hellblazer trade by Diggle and Pussey by Clowes. Both top notch.

Did you see that Dark Horse are releasing the complete Mister X in omnibus format? Haven't read it since the 80s and it'll probably read like shit now, but I might have to pick it up for old time's sake.