Saturday, 10 May 2008

Streams of bilge

Gahhh these Bank Holiday weeks always catch me out. Obviously I know that the new comics arrive a day late because Diamond are a day behind, but it still doesn't stop me forgetting EVERY FUCKING TIME. Piss flaps.

Anyway, after a pointless trip to the comic shop on Thursday, I returned today to fill the nerd sack with plenty of new goodies including Invaders New Avengers #1. This is a book which I know is going to be pants, but which I have to get because it's got The Invaders in it. I'm DESPERATE for an Invaders comic, but the fact that this one is not set during World War II and has the New Avengers in it does not bode well.

Any book with Spider-Woman on the cover has to be tosh.


I'm very happy to see that the Around Comics podcast is back. Obviously it never really went away what with the folk from SCAD filling in while the regular cast took a break. But you know without the regulars riffing about comics, life, the universe and everything it just wasn't the same. My journey to work will once again have meaning.


I really am way, way behind on my reading, but that's not the only area where I'm slipping. The old Sky + box is growing fat on undigested episodes of Heroes, Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who And I've still got half of the final season of The Sopranos to watch.

Having a child really does make it hard to do important stuff like reading comics and watching TV.


Something or (some things) I didn't mention in my rather hastily banged together Iron Man review were the trailers before the film...

Not Tony (sadly), but Will Smith playing a drunk super-hero without a costume. Very Heroes I'm sure.

I'm not Smith's biggest fan (he can never be forgiven for I Robot), but there was enough in the trailer to catch my attention and I'll probably be checking this one out.

The Hulk
Look I really like the idea of Ed Norton as Bruce Banner, William Hurt looks like a fine General Ross and Tim Roth is always excellent, but I'm still struggling with that CGI. I'm sure they've spent millions on it, but it looks really bad to me. Still, bonus points for incorporating Lonely Man in the soundtrack. I loves me some Lonely Man.

The Happening
Oh for fuck's sake, how is Shyamalan still getting his films made? Yes The Sixth Sense was good. I even liked Unbreakable. But Signs? The Village? Lady in the cunting Water??? Sheesh. Those are three real stinkers. Not just common or garden stinkers either, stinkers that managed to outstink each other in a veritable procession of stinkage.

This latest thing? Well the trailer has Mark Wahlberg asking "Where have all the bees gone?" which momentarily had me hoping for a remake of Attack of the Killer Bees. In truth they've probably fucked off because they can't cope with the thought of being in a Shyamalan film. I'd be shocked if this turned out to be anything other than a complete bag of bollocks.

Prince Caspian
I enjoyed everything about the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe apart from Ray Winstone and Dawn French as beavers (cunts more like). This one looks good too. Shame there's no Tilda Swinton this time. She was top notch in the first one.

I know someone called Aslan by the way. He doesn't like being called the Lion.

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