Wednesday, 28 May 2008


You'll have to excuse me I'm feeling a little fuzzy today. If you're the man who had the misfortune of being ranted at by me on the tube last night, what can I say? If you will read DC archives on public transport, you have to accept that half cut fuckwits will start banging on about Gorilla Grodd at great and very loud length before insisting that you visit their blog. Apologies.

Sooooo, Slight hangover aside, what's to say. Well, I'm reading Conan. Not the comics, but the original Robert E Howard yarns. Top stuff. It's well worth cross referencing some of the tales with the comics. I enjoyed The Dark Horse stuff well enough first time around, but going back to it and reading it alongside Howard's original stories is even more satisfying. Those are some fine adaptations.

I've added a couple more websites to Linkorama. iFanboy which is an excellent comics review podcast and Word Balloon, a comic book interview show. I've mentioned it before, but I feel duty bound to bang the drum for Word Balloon again. Host John Siuntres is a fantastic host, as knowledgeable a comics fan as you'll find who knows that the trick of great interviewing is to let the interviewee do the talking.

I listened to his interview with Neal Adams yesterday afternoon. Legend obviously, but Adams comes across as an arrogant, egotistical curmudgeon. He's also a complete nutcase who thinks that the earth is growing! Seriously. Go listen to the interview.

Other bits and bobs...HMV is currently selling off some decent DVD box sets. I picked up the five Planet of the Apes movies and the Omen box set for a tenner apiece. There are plenty more bargains to be had (Rambo, Rocky etc).

Anyone who likes the TV show Heroes might be interested to know that Orbital are hosting a signing by the fella who draws some Heroes comic or other. Details HERE.

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