Sunday, 18 May 2008

The Butcher's Hook

Evening chums. I just wrote a long and involved post about Hellblazer but, to be honest, looking at it I can see that a big chunk of what I've written is absolute twaddle.

I'll go over it again and post some modified version of it on Monday night, but right now I have to go to bed because it's my day off tomorrow and that means I get to look after my nine month old son all day. Believe me that's exhausting stuff. Exhausting stuff that will start at 7.30am when my missus goes to work and won't end until 7pm when the lad goes to sleep.

Pity me why don't you!

For now here's a picture of a pub sign from issue #3 of Hellblazer...

I love Hellblazer, but let me tell you no pub in Britain has a sign that looks like that!

There is actually a Butcher's Hook near Smithfields meat market, it looks like this...

Not a sign in sight. Perhaps that wooden number was hanging outside in 1987 when Hellblazer #3 came out. Perhaps I should take Hellblazer #3 in and ask.

Perhaps not.

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