Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Gaydars. Men's toilets that used to be comic shops. A reminder

So there I am making my weekly check on Augie De Blieck's excellent Pipeline column, when my eye is caught by an ad at the bottom of the page...

Yes, it really does say "Gaydar. Detect gays near you"

Click it and you go through to this page...


Am I overreacting, or is that really, REALLY offensive? I mean, come on...a gaydar?!? What next, a Jew detector?

I really don't think Comic Book Resources should be taking coin off people who sell this sort of shit.


Behold, a familiar set of stairs...

Well, familiar to anyone who frequented the legendary hole in the wall comic shop in the piss stinking alley just off Denmark Street back in the '80s. I've mentioned the place before in THIS POST, but I was actually in the bar which now occupies the old premises t'other day.

So anyway, the pic above is the view up the stairs which I used to climb as a nipper. No scruffy man brandishing a playing card at the top now though, because LTS (as Dave F reliably informs me the shop was called) has been replaced by a gents toilet...

Oh the pain.


New comic day tomorrow. But don't forget kids, Sunday is OLD comics day!

That's right, it's comic mart time. If you're in London get yourself along. You'll have the chance to rub shoulders with hordes of fat, sweaty men while rummaging through boxes of yellowing tat! Yay! What could be nicer?

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