Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Shopping list

I'm looking forward to stuffing the nerd sack so much this week that I've decided to bore you with my shopping list a full day before I hit the West End. Here's what I'll be wasting my hard earned on...

Anna Mercury #2
Rubber clad dominatrix cavorts provocatively against a backdrop of futuristic phallus style skyscrapers in a virtual world. Let's face it, this is another Warren Ellis wank fantasy. It's good though, and I for one will be jerking off with him (metaphorically of course. Ahem).

Blood Bowl #1
OK, so this is a comic based on a classic early 90's Games Workshop favourite. KERCHINNG! Of course it'll probably be rank, but given my nostalgia for all things GW it's impossible for me to ignore. Now if only someone would turn Talisman into a comic.

Checkmate #27
At this point I should 'fess up and admit that I'm four or five issues behind on Checkmate. As such I haven't even read the end of Rucka's run let alone had time to assess whether the new creative team are any good. I might try and catch up before I actually buy this on Thursday.

Teen Titans Year One #5 (of 6)
Am I enjoying this mini series? I have no fucking idea. It has a kooky sort of charm about it which appeals to me, and I like the fact that the Teen Titans actually look and behave like teens. BUT it is an extremely quick read and when I'm paying £2 for the pleasure I do like my comics to last for more than two minutes. Ah well, it's a darn site better than the other Teen Titans title and I'm locked in for the last couple of issues.

Amazing Spider-Man #563
Yeah, so everyone knows about this one now and how it's recapturing that whole wisecracking Spidey vibe of yesteryear, blah de blah. I have to admit I'm still slightly pissed off not to have seen any A list Spidey villains yet, but there's enough going on to keep my interest anyway. I'd be even happier if this were a monthly title written by Dan Slott and drawn by Marcos Martin though.

War Is Hell First Flight Phantom Eagle Max #4 (of 5)
I'm loving this Ennis/Chaykin collaboration about bonkers WWI fighter pilots. The main character is as gloriously unhinged as any of Ennis's long list of fucked up creations and Chaykin's art is as urgent as ever. There's a real sense of doom hanging over proceedings and I wouldn't be surprised to see everyone involved dead by issue #5. Fair enough, war is hell after all.

Wolverine #66
Enemy of the State is one of the Marvel's best stories EVER (yeah I liked it that much) so Mark Millar's return to Wolverine has me proper excited. No doubt it'll get a right good slagging from the Millar hating comics community at large, but I can't help but feel that this is going to be great. I mean come on, a geriatric Logan on a road trip through a post apocalyptic Marvel Universe - how can that not be great superhero comics?

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