Monday, 16 June 2008


To business.

Firstly big shout out to Clubber Lang, who found his way to LLC via THIS OLD POST. Thanks for dropping by Clubber and, yes, I have plenty more Fighting Fantasy deaths up my sleeve. Here's a particularly nasty one for your delectation...

...OUCH. My prediction...Pain!

If FF has had as profound effect on your life as it has mine, then I suggest that you join THIS FACEBOOK GROUP (sadly you'll need a Facebook account to share the sadness, sorry).

Next, thanks to Spinx for taking the time to look me up. I met Spinx on the Northern Line a month or so ago when I was fairly drunk, he was reading some Silver Age Flash reprints and had the misfortune of being a captive audience while I ranted nonsensically about Gorilla Grodd. Apparently I also recommended Criminal to him, which was quite sensible of me really. Hope you're enjoying the trades mate, Brubaker+Phillips = comics goodness!

That's the bulging electronic mail sack out of the way then, what else is itching my comics anus? Well, I'm currently in shock at the news that Marvel are releasing Secret Wars II and its various tie-ins as an omnibus. Seriously...

Yup chums, that's right: £58 of your hard earned for a luxuriously presented collection of some of the WORST comics Marvel has ever put out.

For the love of Stan and Jack!

Why are they foisting this shite upon us? Could it have anything to do with the fact that The Beyonder turned up in Bendis's Avengers Illuminati recently? Is Bendis about to reintroduce The Beyonder in Secret Invasion? Does his reappearance really warrant an omnibus? And could this be the first omnibus that ends up making its way into the bargain buckets of your local comic shop?

I think so, because honestly, can you see ANYONE buying this?


Brian Doan said...

Holy cow, is that a steaming pile of mid-80s comics nonsense. I was a pretty intense young adolscent comics geek then, and I have a lot of nostalgia for that period of Marvel, but a $100 harback omnibus?? I flipped through my old back issues of SW II a few months ago, I think not. Although I didn't read all those tie-ins, so maybe it gets better if you do?

mr wheatley said...

haha secret wars 2 was balls. i hope they reprint it on that ultra cheap paper they put it out on originally

Dom Sutton said...

So you two will be buying it then?