Sunday, 28 September 2008

A night with old chums

To London's West End for drinks with Little Ad, Big Dave and Dotty the laser-eyed dog (centre)...

A fine evening during which much alcohol-based fun was had. I downed four pints of lager, one sambuca, two Jack Daniels and two whiskeys; a mix that might not be enough take the edge off of an alcoholic's thirst, but which sent me home drunk and left me feeling very ill this morning. Truly I am a lightweight.

No matter, before the alcohol poisoning set in, some fine chat was had.

When not railing against the "over-rated evil of Bladerunner" Dave pointed out that after reading Warren Ellis's recent run on Thunderbolts he had come to the conclusion that Ellis writes Norman Osborn as Blakey from On The Buses. "I 'ate you Parker!" Genius.

Little Ad' (no longer as little as he once was of course) wet my gaming whistle with talk of a possible Heroclix lock in at the pub where he works. He has many sentinels I hear.

Dotty danced provocatively for nachos. Tart.

I was slightly embarrassed to be introduced to one of Dave's Pub chums as some sort of all-knowing comic guru. He seemed impressed enough that I knew The Silver Surfer's real name, so perhaps I carried it off, but the truth is (and I'm talking to you directly here Dave), I don't know that much about comics (about as much as you I'm guessing) so there's really no need to hold me up as some shining example to passing nerds. Please, don't do it again, or I'll post more videos like this...

You never did explain WHY you hate Bladerunner by the way.


mr wheatley said...

fuuuuck, i feel gutted i missed that.
I think you should do a regular dave slot.. where you just shout in questions.. Dave... what about Shawshank Redemption?

Anonymous said...

Still laughing at the video and Wheatleys comment!
The worst part is I cant remember my Blade Runnder rant....
Gaad Im getting to old!