Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Watchmen memorabilia

Going through a cupboard full of my old junk, I found this...

I've no recollection of buying it, but I presume it was purchased at the time of Watchmen's original release. I wonder if I ever intended to sew it onto an item of clothing. Probably. However, by the time Watchmen came out I'd already experienced the dangerous derision that nerdy clothing can provoke, and this almost certainly led me to consign the patch to the box of old tat where it has resided to this day.

That FF incident was the first of two fashion based attacks which I can remember. The second came after I decided to write THE SMITHS in biro on the back of an old parka jacket. This provoked several Morrissey hating toughs into punching me in the back of the head while chanting "gay songs, gay songs" at the top of their voices.

Happy days.

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