Saturday, 6 September 2008

Rockman vs The Pixies

My apologies imaginary web chums, I realise it's been a few days since I updated you on the contents of my nerd sack, but let me assure you, I haven't jacked this narcissistic blogfoolery in. No, no I've just been so busy with babies and work that I've hardly had time to look at any comics let alone write about them. Never fear though, in the words of Pearl Jam: "Hey, I, oh, Iiiiiii, I'm still alive!"


I actually missed new comics day this week, but did make it down to the West End on very little sleep for Friday. Picked up a stack of new stuff too, including the latest Hellblazer trade, (which has me all tingly with excitement), and monthly favourites Green Lantern, House of Mystery and Storming Paradise.

My absolute favourite book this week though has to be The Twelve 1/2. This one shot isn't the latest installment in the excellent Marvel series, but it does reprint several golden age rarities starring the cast of The Twelve. And very fine stories they are too, particularly the Rockman v Pixies effort from 1942, which is written by none other than Stan Lee and features a fight which ends with Rockman administering some old school punishment...

Mwahahaha! God Bless you young Stan Lee!

Webwise I've added Ande Parks' blog to my list of Inter-stops. Recommended on the 11 o'clock comics podcast, Parks' blog is a daily look at original art in the author's own collection. The scans of the art are worth visiting for alone, but Parks' commentary is what makes the site a must see. Brilliant stuff, check it out HERE

I also looked in on the new Phonogram site after picking up a natty flyer for December's Phonogram: The Singles Club. Nice to see some new Jamie McKelvie art, and I like that Gillen and McKelvie are promoting the new comic with club style flyers...

Click to enlarge

Can't wait for it. The website is HERE

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