Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I'm tired

Jesus, is it Tuesday already? Sorry, got a bit caught up in the Easter work madness thing and failed to post any comic related gubbins for a couple of days. Ach well, the World 's still turning, so not to worry.

What to say? Well, I got woken up far too early this morning and lay in the dark watching Teletubbies with my son. A bit later I collapsed on the sofa shielding my eyes from the sun and watching The Justice League on Children's ITV. I've heard a lot about this cartoon as it's a big hit with the middle-aged men who produce the podcasts which I listen to. I thought it was OK. I take my hat off to the producers and writers for filling the show with obscure DC villains, but was less than enamoured by the animation (Batman's head is tiny, while Superman's shoulders are ridiculously broad). The voice acting was also pretty crummy, never have I heard so many superheroes sounding so bored. Still, it's not for me is it? I'm sure the kids love it.

Compiling my shopping list for this week, I see that 100 Bullets #100 is out. This means that the whole series will be available in trade soon, which is nice. I read the first nine in the series, but then gave up because I ended up forgetting too much between trades. It's such a complicated muddle of conspiracies and characters that losing track really screws up any chance the reader has of knowing what the hell is going on. Thus I will wait for the last trade and then read the whole story on some weekend where the missus and bubba are away and I have nothing to do. Bring it on.

As for what I'll be buying this week, well, here's my list

Action Comics #876
Amazing Spider-Man #591
Captain America #49
Conan The Cimmerian #10
Gigantic #4 (of 5)
Green Lantern Corps #35
Incognito #3
Phonogram #2
Rebels #3
Sub-Mariner 70th Anniversary one shot

Fuck me, 10 comics?! What a sick week. Plenty of good'uns though - Phonogram (at last!), Incognito, Green Lantern Corps (Alien squishing shenanigans. Yay!), Conan (which is on top, top form at the mo. The Tomas Giorello art is just beautiful and Conan as a bad-ass mercenary rocks!) and Gigantic (Rick Remender indie goodness. Get it while it lasts folks, he's signed an exclusive with Marvel which means we'll be getting no more Fear Agent, End League or Crawlspace for the forseeable future. Sucks balls doesn't it?).

UPDATE (1.45pm): Apparently neither Phonogram or Gigantic are out this week after all. Sorry if I got anyone's hopes up.

UPDATE (1.48pm): Hmm, might not be a new Conan either. There is a new Iron-Man though. What a mess of a shopping list, eh? Told you I was tired.


mr wheatley said...

Rick Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Mike Leader said...

I too was stirred to excitement by the promise of Phonogram, but my hopes were soon dashed by a tweet by Gillen or McKelvie.

Oh well, at least Incognito is out. I've not bought a comic in weeks.

Do you think there's anything worth picking up? Something really great, jump-on-able, and preferably worth the money?

Maybe I'll stick to trades from now on, not that I ever really took off with issue-buying.

Dom Sutton said...

Mr W: Yeah, it's a right load of old cunt. He's writing the (yawn) Punisher instead :-(

Mike: Don't know that there's anything up your street Mike - Essential Dazzler Volume Two is out! (not sure how they found enough material to fill it, but it's out!)

Jared said...

I was underwhelmed by 100 bullets and gave up after the 2nd trade. Simple concept evolved into something too complicated for me. Curious how your assault on the series goes... I'd be tempted to pick it up again if someone recommended it strongly, but I'm happy to let you test the waters for me.