Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Shopping list

Is it new comics day again? Christ, I've hardly had time to empty the contents of my nerd sack from last week. Tccch. Here's what I'll be wasting my money on tomorrow...

Conan #10
No false alarms, it's definitely out this week. I'm going to get myself in the mood by blasting Anvil of Crom at top volume on Spotify while drinking mead and whacking off over pictures of Hyperborean maidens

Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds #4
Laughably late nonsense. I can't remember what happened in the previous three issues. I don't really care. The fact that I'm buying this is evidence of my weakness.

Green Lantern #40
Just rewatched 28 Days Later (This swine flu malarkey has me wanting to scare myself with apocalyptic virus-based nightmares) and it became obvious that the whole Red Lantern/Rage/Puking blood thing from GL is ripped off from the film. Given that the Orange Lantern (emotion: avarice) is basically a copy of golem from LOTR, I should be angry at Geoff Johns for filling my comics with derivative nonsense. Instead I love him for making an event comic that actually has me excited. This is by far and away the best mainstream superhero title on the stands at the moment and the one comic I couldn't do without.

Superman #687

Phonogram #2
Really? I'll believe it when I see it, which I probably won't as I doubt the new shop will get it in and I won't have time to get down to Gosh this week. 
Anyway, if you can get it then you should, as it's a clever, funny, lovely looking comic which will provide you with a much needed break from all that spandex based tomfoolery which you're too old to be reading anyway.

Astounding Wolf-Man #15
I'm a bit behind on this Kirkmanverse comic, but that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying it. We've got to that stage which all Kirkman's books hit when everything you think you know turns out to be totally wrong and he flips the whole story on its head. Having read Invincible and Walking Dead, I know it's coming, but he's so good at it that I'm sure I'm still going to enjoy watching it happen. The art by Jason Howard has also got a lot better as the series has gone on.

Rasl #4
The new shop won't have this either, which is a shame as it's really good. If you see the oversized reprint of the first three issues anywhere pick it up. As long as you don't mind black and white comics (and to be frank if you do, then you're silly) I reckon you'll enjoy this intriguing tale of reality hopping. Be warned though, it's on a sloooow release schedule, and you'll probably be dead by the time it wraps up.

Sherlock Holmes #1
If this is in the shop I might buy it. No idea who it's by or if its any good, but I like the idea of a Sherlock Holmes comic, so I'll give it a go!

OMG! No Marvel titles. That can't be right. Can it?

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Mike Leader said...

I found a copy of Rasl #1 in Soho for 80p or something, so I'm holding out in hope for finding the floppies of #2 and #3 to save myself £7-£8. Annoyingly, Comicana had #3 in their 20p (or something) box. All this bother.