Saturday, 11 April 2009

Tedious notes on Thursday - with links!

Nothing from me yesterday, too busy at work. "Good Friday? What's so fucking good about it?" as they say at the office. Anyway, had a nice day on Thursday, hitting the new shop where everything I'd ordered had come in. Yay! Also happened to be in at the same time as Bruce, so had a nice chat with him about comics 'n' stuff. 

From Finsbury Park to the West End, where I had planned to go and see the Kuniyoshi exhibition at The Royal Academy, but was quickly sidetracked by comic shops. First stop Orbital, which has really stepped up a gear since moving to the new premises. Vast amounts of small press comics, huge number of back issues and a few tempting boxes of 10p tat. There's also a little exhibition of Simon Bisley stuff going on in the back. All very clean and impressive.

From there through Covent Garden, via a diversion down Charing Cross Road to see if LLC's favourite antique dealing, MMA lovin', Hulk obsessed muscleman Big Dave F was about. Unfortunately he had the day off and was tucked away with his missus and the dogs in Lewisham. Another time.

So, on to Forbidden Planet where I bought myself Volume #1 of The Elephantmen, a very pretty work which is a bit light on words for my taste but works fairly well in trade format. After the usual nostalgic look through the roleplaying section I made my way over to Comicana where I had it in mind to pick up a few back issues of Hellblazer that have not been collected. Jesus, the shop was humming - not with life, but with the stink of sweat and maybe sewage, I'm not sure. There was a madman pacing up and down shouting questions at the staff about Walt Simonson's Thor. It was all like some horrible fever dream and, feeling oppressed, I quickly decided against thumbing through the back issues and headed for the altogether cleaner and more welcoming world of Gosh.

Mr Salmond was in attendance, but in full-on Thursday afternoon customer overload mode, so I left him in peace. Did take the time to check out the original pages of League of Extraordinary Gentleman 1910 that are currently lining the wall of the shop though. Wow! Every bit as fantastic as you'd expect. There's one particularly nice drawing of the Nautilus which would look very good on my wall. Ha, dream on fatty!

Thus, with my head full of nice Kevin O'Neill inspired pictures, I made my way home, where (still without missus and bubba) I settled down to a nice evening with the comics and the telly. Finished up the final season of Battlestar Galactica and found myself disappointed with the quasi-religious cop out ending. Oh well, I thought the final season was pretty weak to be honest, so it came as no surprise.

That's it! My exciting Thursday, (minus the supermarket and a very routine trip to my local for a couple of pints of overpriced Polish lager), all mapped and linked out! Exciting stuff, I'm sure you'll agree.


mr wheatley said...

ohhh, i liked the last season. The mutiny was top. i am glad

//////spoilers ahead//////////

that they didnt blow them all to dust and have an ultra miserable ending. it was always going to be a religious ending though.

Dom Sutton said...

OK, I'll give you the mutiny.

Anonymous said...

I'm a massive MMA fan too. Now if Big dave F is also a Spurs fan it's safe to say he should be my new best friend.