Wednesday, 8 April 2009


This is Solo...
(drawn by Erik Larsen, incidentally)

According to the Marvel Handbook, "Solo constantly employs an arsenal of portable conventional weaponry, including sub-machine guns, automatic rifles, automatic pistols, hand grenades, combat knives, etc., which he secures in various pouches lining his costume."

Employing all that weaponry constantly? Must be a nightmare to live with: "Solo, stop firing that machine gun I'm trying to watch the telly!".

Perhaps that's why he's called Solo.

Anyway, multiple weapons. Numerous pouches. Plenty o' knives. This has to be the 90s, right? Nope; Solo (catchphrase: "While I live, terror dies") first appeared in 1985 in the pages of Web of Spider-Man #19. He's a proto 90s man. Perhaps THE proto 90s man.

Apparently, his sole purpose in life is to kill terrorists. Handily, he can teleport, so he has no trouble infiltrating secret bases and stuff. I'd never heard of him before, but I find the fact that he was around before pouches and guns became de rigueur interesting. But then, I'm a saddo.


Anonymous said...

Judging by the way his silky looking bikini bottoms are hugging his crotch I have this assessment.

This man has no junk.


He's hung like an ant.

Jared said...

I've got Web 19... I always wondered if Solo would become interesting. Not sure he ever did. Shame. Were he later, when comics got all grown up again (Garth Ennis, etc), he could've been something. Or, I guess, just stick to reading Punisher...