Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I've come as a blue Duncan Goodhew

On my travels around the internet this fine sunny morning, I stumbled on a rather nice set of pics from some comic convention or other. I'm a bit of a nut for cosplay shots, and these are the best I've seen for a while. My highlights...

Slouching Six in a Starbuck and Boomer sandwich

Marvel group shot gatecrashed by John Stewart, non-cosplayer and Anna Mercury drag act. Nightcrawler appears to be curling one out - BAMF!

"It ends with you in tears"

"I'm downstairs, next to the bird in the top hat and fishnets. Where are you?"

Follow THIS LINK for the full gallery (and tell me if I'm wrong to be turned on by the MILF Leia).


Anonymous said...

I can see you dressing up as Dr Octopus. I hadn't heard the term 'cosplay' before but I've seen them in action at conventions. It's always scared me a bit to be honest. Mostly because it makes me really how entirely unrealistic the whole concept of superheroes is. I think I liked the Watchmen movie so much because I convinced myself it was possible.

Anonymous said...



DC said...

Not Anna Mercury. Black Widow. Notice the bracelets;)

Anonymous said...

"It ends with you in tears"

Kudos for using the perfect Watchmen quote for that picture

Dom Sutton said...

Bruce: Doc Oc! I might just do it. Could use bits of the hoover as arms.

Diogo: Thanks for clearing that up.

Anon: Yay to you for spotting it!