Friday, 8 May 2009

Shopping list

Absolutely ridiculous week. So ridiculous that I can't be arsed to type everything in. Here's a scan of my list then...
That's 14 floppies this week + three that I missed last week + one item from Gosh that I've got no chance of getting at the new shop + two hefty trades from Amazon* AND a side-order from Pete at work. 

Sickening stuff. 

Probably the heaviest week I've ever had, made even more shameful by the fact that I've already spunked £9 on issue #2 of the new UK version of Wired and its American counterpart.

To be honest I'll probably end up buying the new New Mutants as well. Horrible. I hate myself.

* ADD: I had assumed that The Cerebus Archive was some mighty omnibus-like slab collecting a huge wadge of Cerebus. Apparently it's not. Excellent news, I won't be buying it, and can therefore feel a tiny bit better about the inevitable New New Mutants purchase.


Mr A. P. Salmond, esq. said...

Just to save you a trip, no Tales Designed... this week I'm afraid!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew. Did it come in last week and you sold out, or has it just not come at all? If the latter, can you put me aside a copy when it does arrive?
Hope all well.