Thursday, 14 May 2009

Shopping List

Another heavy week, another scan of my grubby shopping list. You'll note that I've added an exciting new star rating to the single issues. This is to show you how much I'm looking forward to reading each comic - See, always thinking outside the box!


I've also added a handy list of stuff I won't be buying this week. Obviously there's a lot of stuff I won't be buying, but this is the notable stuff I won't be buying. Here's why...

Back Issue + Alter Ego: I've done a lot of money on these expensive mags over the last couple of years. Occasionally I've enjoyed them, but more often than not (and this is especially true of Back Issue) I find myself wondering why I've shelled out my hard earned to read a series of articles where the author usually does little more than recount the plot of his favourite run of comics. If I want the "In issue 9 of Amethyst Princess of Gem World, Amethyst fought the Troll Women of Labiya. In issue 10 of Amethyst Princess of Gem World, Amethyst destroyed the wicked wizard of Kok-Suk" sort of article, I can go to Wikipedia

To be fair, there are some good interviews and rare pieces of art interspersed with the bilge, and the fact that this issue features interviews with Alan Davis and Jim Shooter means that I might buy Back Issue after all. Alter Ego is a definite no though.

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1: I'm not buying this because I don't need to. It's not that I don't think I'd enjoy it, because I most likely would, it's just that I have to take a stand against these silly mini-series which seem to be clogging up my life at the moment and this seems a good place to start.

The Ultimates Vol 3 TP: Issue one of Loeb and Madureira's Ultimates run was so fucking bad that I vowed never to look at another issue. Now this is out, and I'm sort of tempted to buy it just to see how bad it is as a whole. But no, I've reread why I hated issue #1 so much and that's enough to jolt me back to my senses.

Secret Wars II Omnibus: Ridiculous! Secret Wars II was so terrible that Secret Invasion looks like The Watchmen in comparison. For the life of me I can't understand why this is getting the Omnibus treatment, let alone fathom who in the world is going to pay the £75 RRP! I fully expect this to be the first Omnibus to end up in the 50p boxes at Orbital.


pulpsfromthebothy said...

Glad to see you have the 'I kill Giants' trade on that list, a real highlight from last year in my opinion.

Mr A. P. Salmond, esq. said...

We didn't even order a single copy of SWII. I'd sooner sell someone a blindfold and a cup full of razor blades than that pile of shit.

I reckon Wolverine #74 will have bumped up a star by the time you read #73.

Dom Sutton said...

Pulps - yup, I'm looking forward to it!

Salmond: My retail hero!

Brian Doan said...

What? You weren't moved when the Beyonder turned that failed TV sitcom writer into a golden centurion on a flying horse, and...

Aw, screw it. I got nothing. Not even nostalgia for my youth would cause me to pick up that SWII omnibus.

On the other hand, speaking of nostalgia-- I rather enjoy Back Issue. I get what you're saying, but I don't mind those recaps, as they are often about series I've never read (and there's something pleasurable about a magazine in your hand, as opposed to pixels on a screen). And they usually have good interviews with old-time comics professionals. I also enjoy the sheer weirdness of their looks at 70s TV schlock like Isis and Captain Marvel-- the material they're exploring might be crap, but they explore it with such care and passion that I find myself drawn into the stories.

Hear, hear, on ULTIMATES 3, though. Loeb. Loeb! LOEB!