Friday, 29 May 2009

Shopping list

There you have it, the soon to be contents of my nerd sack. Note that this week's list comes with a bonus telephone number for a Brighton hotel. Give them a ring, ask about their Spider-Suite and be sure to mention that London Loves Comics sent you.

So what have we got? Not much really. To be honest, I'm still so buzzed from Uzumaki that I can hardly summon the energy to pick up any spandex based sequentialism. Ach well, I'm sure I'll settle back into the leotard fuelled groove soon enough.

I promised the new shop that I would wait for them to get my copy of League 1910 in, despite the fact that I knew it was at Gosh. Bought a copy for a bloke at work from Gosh, but dutifully waited until today to get mine from new shop. It better flipping be there.

The last of DC's Final Crisis Aftermath minis, Ink, kicks off this week. I've enjoyed the first issues of the other three (Run, Escape and Dance) and was about the only person on the planet who liked the Tattooed Man one-shot Submit during FC proper, so I have high hopes for this one.

Northlanders #17 is a standalone story spotlighting Viking weaponry in the style of Warren Ellis' Crechy (that's what writer Brian Wood says anyway). I was a little disappointed with the conclusion to the last arc of this series, but enjoyed the stories which came before (for my thoughts on those go HERE) and loved Crechy so I think this will be right up my street. Worth a shot if you haven't read any Northlanders yet I reckon.

Bit behind on Superman and Wolf-Man. Up to speed on Spidey (and convinced we're heading towards a Doc Oc gatecrashes Aunt May's wedding style story in ish #600. They've got previous REMEMBER). Glad to be getting back on track with Millar and McNiven's gloriously silly Old Man Logan story (although the Jason Aaron fill-in issue was very inventive). Green Lantern? Ach, you don't need me to say anything about that. 

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