Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Off the stack

Polished off volume three of The Drifting Classroom last night. Man, I love this book. It's a wild, anarchic ride which is by turns hilarious and disturbing. The comparisons with Lord of The Flies are obvious, but it's unfair to pigeonhole this as a knock-off, it has a crazy sensibility which is all its own. I'll be picking up volume four on Friday.

Other collected editions on my list include the special bookplate edition of Darwyn Cooke's Parker and volume 10 of The Walking Dead. I've also ordered the new Invincible trade from Amazon, but Walking Dead is one trade I cannot wait for. It gets bought and read on the day it comes out. I'll zoom through it at Drifting Classroom speed.

Made some progress on the single issue mountain this morning, knocking off Irredeemable #5, Sherlock Holmes #3, Chew #3 and Blackest Night Tales of The Corps #3. The last comic on that list is one which some fans have been complaining about. Apparently they feel ripped off by the fact that a good chunk of it is taken up with a pencils only, director's cut of the Blackest Night #0 issue. I can understand this, but personally, having the chance to check out Ivan Reis' incredible pencils is a plus not a minus point for me. After all, the man is a monster! Stripping out the inks and colours really shows up the detail in his work.

Plus, in one of the other stories, you totally get to see Kenny Rogers as a Green Lantern...

Chew #3 was strong, strong, strong. We get properly acquainted with Tony's love interest, Amelia Mintz, a restaurant critic who can write about food so accurately that her readers get the actual sensation of eating the food she's writing about. She's great. There's also an appearance from E.G.G., a pythonesque team of beret-wearing food standards-hating terrorists. Black humour, wonderful cartooning and characters with clear voices. Chew really is worthy of the hype it's been getting.

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mr wheatley said...

just read sleeper, ace. Frank Darabont to direct walking dead as tv mini series for amc?