Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Shopping List

Morning. Tried to make a bit of progress on my teetering "To Read" pile yesterday, got through two comics before nodding off. I will strap on my indoor adventure gear and try again today. Something needs to be done, because I have another nerd sack full of overpriced tat to bring back to my cave this week.

Want the list?
Didn't think so.
Well fuck off, you're having it anyway...

Frankenstein's Womb (Warren Ellis GN): Ah yes, a little Ellis novella. These are pretty good. Crecy remains one of my favourite comics of recent years. Could this be as good? Check out the art HERE, very reminiscent of an old CREEPY story.

Female Force #5 Princess Diana: Look, I'm probably not going to buy this, it's obviously going to be shit. The question is, will it be funny shit or just godawful shit. Godawful I imagine. Besides, the important stuff has already been covered

Irredeemable #5: Whining hero gone bad. Shades of The Authority and MiracleMan. S'good though. This is a special cheapo issue (50p or summat) which is accompanied by a cut price trade of the first four issues. Smart move by BOOM! If you haven't already, give it a go.

The Mighty #7: Oh look, another superhero gone wrong. Yeah, this and Irredeemable, there's something in the air. What does it all mean? Don't ask me, I'm thick. This is good though. Chris Samnee is killing on the art.

Final Crisis Aftermath Run #4: Christ on a shitting bike, I've got a huge pile of these Aftermath titles to get through now. Fucking ridiculous. I did read and enjoy issue #1 of this. It was a pleasing meta-textual heavy romp through the world of superhero comic violence. At least I think it was. I was most likely high when I read it.

House Of Mystery #16: Another one I'm woefully behind on. Started buying it out of some unhealthy sense of nostalgia for the title. Quite enjoyed the Vertigo quirkiness at first, but got a little bit fed up of it after a while. S'ok, haven't a fucking clue what it all means though.

Superman World Of New Krypton #6

Wednesday Comics #5

Chew #3: All those people paying hundreds of pounds for issue #1 are going to be fucked off if this suddenly goes shit on us. No sign of that happening after an excellent second issue. On to number #3.

Jersey Gods #6: This is every bit as good as Chew, but no-one's buying it. High cosmic spliced with low rom com. Intelligent writing. Crackling good art. One I look forward to.

All Winners Comics #1: These 70th Anniversary specials from Marvel have been really good. You lucky people who've been ignoring them are going to have a very nice trade to pick up when all's said and done. The only sad thing about all these golden age revamps is that they make me wistful for The Twelve.

Exiles #5: A book I would never have picked up but for a recommendation by X book loving blogger Neil. Loved every issue. Apparently no-one else even knew it was being published though, and, after the next issue, it will disappear down the same hole as the likes of Checkmate, Irredeemable Ant-Man, The Order, Captain Britain and every other mother-loving comic I've enjoyed in the last five years. Cunt.

I'm dropping Spider-Man because it's getting on my ample man-tits. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy some issues, but a lot of it (I'm staring at you American Son) is not that good. It seems to come out every other day, and, to be honest, I really don't need to read Spider-Man more than once a month. Bored of Aunt May's interminable wedding preparations, really not interested in Peter Parker's roommate and have just about had my fill of Harry fucking Osborn. Goodbye.

I'm also wavering over Iron Man, a book which I like a lot, but which I've fallen way, way behind on.

Of course Cap Reborn #2 is also out this week, but I've successfully resisted the temptation to pick it up and will digest its meaty WWII flavoured goodness when the trade is served up.

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Jared said...

Exiles is awesome. But you have to quit before Claremont shows up and brutally fucks it in the brainpan.

That's a while into the series (like a dozen trades worth), but this is a very serious warning. As soon as you veer into Claremont territory, everything else will be ruined. No one has ever annihilated a series like Claremont did the Exiles.

In fact, it'd be a damn good plot for the Exiles. They have to travel out of time and space to our world to prevent Chris Claremont from ever coming near a fucking pen. That might be too much. Maybe the just have to sever his hands after "Inferno". That'd be ok.