Friday, 21 August 2009

Shopping List

Fuck my old boots, is it Friday already? Time to strap on the old nerd sack and hit the comic shop. Here's my mercifully short shopping list...

Gravel #13
Conan #13
Yes, one's a barbarian and one's an ex SAS combat magician, but both these feckers are granite-jawed hard men, and I love them for it. Of course they also use their nous to get the better of enemies, but when it comes down to it, Conan and Gravel are fighters. Men from the wrong side of the tracks, who have to bump heads to earn respect. Anti-hero comics for boys, which scratch the same itch that Judge Dredd used to back in the day.

Blackest Night Superman #1
At this point I have to come out and say that I'm utterly locked in to Blackest Night. Yes, some of the writing in the first few issues has been cheesy, and, yes, it is at heart just another zombie book, BUT it's also old style superhero comics - a gloriously stupid mishmash of fights and set pieces which has the feel of a proper event comic.

If anything, it's more like a traditional DC Crisis than a Green Lantern story. I know it isn't one, and I know that it doesn't involve the entire multiverse, but it has a grand and important tone to it and is clearly going to have big repercussions throughout the DCU. I'm a sap for buying it, but good golly, it's a fun read.

Final Crisis Aftermath Dance #4
These Final Crisis Aftermath books are stacking up on me now. I've liked the first couple enough to lock in for the lot, but I'm now wondering when I'm ever going to find the time to catch up.

Wednesday Comics #7
Er's really good! I've wittered on about it a lot already: HERE and HERE.

Astounding Wolf-Man #18
This is winding down now. I think Kirkman announced it will end with issue 25. That's fair enough, I've enjoyed the book plenty, but it's not as earth-shatteringly brilliant as either Walking Dead or Invincible, so if it needs to go for Kirkman to keep up to speed on his other books then so be it.

Viking #3
Stunning presentation. OK story. The former draws attention to the latter. Different enough from anything else to keep me on board, but not sure it's as good as the other viking book - Northlanders. Can you believe that there are two viking comics on the go? What's that about?

Supergirl #44
Superman Annual #14
I am very, very close to dropping the entire Super line at the moment. World of New Krypton is the only one that really compels me to read it, the rest of the line is a bit tepid. Action Comics is the worst of the bunch, but Superman and Supergirl have also been distinctly underwhelming of late. I still think it's ridiculous to put out a Superman comic without Superman in it. I'll give the annual a look, but unless it's really good, my Super habit stops here.

Dark Entries
Now then, this is interesting. An original Hellblazer graphic novel written by Ian Rankin. I'll probably hold off on this until I can get it at a big discount online, but I'm very curious to see what Rankin does with the medium.

Unfortunate choice of title though. No tittering at the back!

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