Thursday, 24 September 2009

Brief bits

I'm now well into my second week as a stay at home dad and I have to tell you chums, it's proper fucking hard graft!

Obviously the fact that I am supervising a two-year-old for most of the day has eaten into my comic reading time, but I have read a few bits and bobs - Batman and Robin #4, which is still top notch even without Frank Quitely. Blackest Night #3, which was utter tosh, but enjoyable tosh all the same. Volumes 1-3 of 20th Century Boys, which doesn't hit the spot in the way that Drifting Classroom or Uzumaki did, but which is still good enough to make me think that I want to read a lot more manga. I am Legend the novel by Richard Matheson, which is one of those books which I always meant to read and now have. Hard to believe it was written over 50 years ago - high quality horror. I've gone and downloaded a copy of the Will Smith film to compare. No doubt it will be terrible.

No shopping lists lately as getting to the comic shop has become a bit haphazard. I'm aiming to pick up some stuff on Tuesday. When I'll actually get the chance to sit down and read it is another matter entirely.

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