Wednesday, 30 September 2009

On your marks, get set...

Yesterday I had a free afternoon (ostensibly to return a faulty stairgate) obviously I used it to go comic shopping instead. First stop Gosh for a pleasant chat with Mr Salmond and co-workers about Batman: Arkham Asylum, Hellblazer, digital comics, Alan Moore and Ghost Rider. Picked up Vol 5 of Drifting Classroom before hitting Forbidden Planet and grabbing Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? which is next up for reading on my list of great SF novels I've never read. From there by tube to Fantastic Realm in Finsbury Park where I found Boss Man Tim in exasperated mood. Trying to run a struggling comic shop is a stressful business. Credit to him he had all of the books on my list from last week - including Fantastic Four 571 which most UK shops didn't get (Another piece of Diamond fuckwittery). Then home and out in the evening only to find that son had puked all over sofa and rug while in grandparents care. Can't get stink of vomit out no matter what I try. The joys. Read FF 571 and have to report - IT'S FUCKING ACE! Free minute for updating finishes. Apologies for lack of paragraphs. LLC out!

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