Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Shopping List

Fuck my old boots, I'm knackered. Something to do with the fact that the police decided to have a helicopter party over my house at 3am. Fascists!

Anyway, I've been reading LOADS. Just finished up on the first Garth Ennis Hellblazer trade, Dangerous Habits which was an entertaining wheeze. As much as I love horror comics, they rarely give me the shivers, but Ennis' demons really were quite scary. The Devil playing at being Christ on the cross was an Exorcist-type moment. Great stuff. I'm keen to crack on with the next trade, Bloodlines, but see that it's out of print. Bugger. Quick hunt around the comic shops on Friday and thence to ebay I suppose.

I demolished the second volume of The Creepy Archives. Incredible! I'm eating this stuff up. Alright, so the stories are a bit clunky, but the art is off the scale. Angelo Torres is a god! He does some medieval European cityscapes in Volume Two that blew my comic socks off. I'm itching for more! Snagged a 10% discount voucher at The Book Depository which I used to order the remaining two volumes + the first two volumes of Eerie. This brings me up to speed on Dark Horse's Warren reprint schedule.

Also finished up Volume four of the Geoff Johns JSA trade run, Fair Play. Nice stuff. The first issues which Johns penned without the aid of Goyer or Robinson (I think). Features Roulette, a super-villainess who is DC's answer to Arcade, a baddie who was one of my absolute faves as a nipper.

On the single issue front, I've knocked off a big wadge of my backlog, but still have a mountain of stuff to catch up on. Oh well time to top up the pile with this week's shopping list...

Irredeemable #6

Final Crisis Aftermath Run #5

Mighty #8

Northlanders #20

Solomon Grundy #7

Supergirl Annual #1

Wednesday Comics #9

Chew #4, $2.99

Jersey Gods #7

Daring Mystery Comic #1

Exiles #6

Incognito #6

Invincible Iron Man #17

Mystic Comics #1

Drifting Classroom Vol 5

I loves me some new comics, but it is perhaps telling that I'm looking forward to a reprint of a 35-year-old manga book most of all. I'm also tempted to pick up the second trade of Jason Aaron's Ghost Rider and Iain Rankin's Hellblazer OGN, Dark Entires, but will probably hold off on both for a bit. Also out this week is Strange Tales #1, the much anticipated series where indie creators get to play with Marvel's big toys. I've been looking forward to this a lot, but it's a three issue series which will look much nicer as a collected hardback edition so I'm hanging on.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this? I nearly choked on my tea:


Dom Sutton said...

No I hadn't seen it, but it's flipping brilliant! Thanks for the link mate.