Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Big Dave's NerDgasm Quiz Part IV

My good pal Big Dave F has been on the Batphone demanding that I let you all know that it's Nerdgasm time again! Aye, imaginary web chums, London's most ripped quiz-master has spent the winter chipping away at the trivia-filled coalface of his mind to provide YOU with the fuel that your fact-hungry brains require to keep warm.

The last event was attended by vast numbers of awkward and slightly socially inept people, and this month's gathering promises to be another beezer wheeze. As ever there will be SF, comic and fantasy questions galore, confused tourists to laugh at, loud music from Robocop and drunk people shouting about Boba Fett's cock. Dave has even spoken of spot-prizes and raffles! Wowzers! What more could you ask for? Beats staying in and watching Dancing on Ice, eh?

It all takes place in the heart of London's dangerous, yet strangely exciting West End this Sunday. As ever, the venue is The Greenman & French Horn pub on St Martins Lane at 7pm. I'll be there, but don't let that put you off. Show your support for the finest example of the Great British Pub Quiz that the capital has to offer and get your arses down there! Remember, you can't spell nerD without a big D*

*Not strictly true.


eye-melt said...

I will be there. Although some of the nerds last time had a higher midichlorian count than Master Yoda. I will wear my lucky Incredible Hulk underpants (the coveted prize I took home last nerd quiz) but they go against convention as they have been washed.

Dom said...

Brilliant! Look forward to meeting you. It's good to know that I've sent at least one person Dave's way.

Jared said...

Gar! Double geekbooked with gaming group... else we'd totally win, being 23rd level geek/nerd multiclassed.