Thursday, 7 January 2010


To Gosh, where the crew were battling to get this week's snow delayed delivery on the shelves before the lunchtime rush. So happy was I to see new comics that I snaffled up ALL the maybes on my shopping list, making this a pretty heavy week by my standards. Obviously, once I'd returned home and emptied the nerd sack, I ignored the good stuff and went straight to Siege #1. Meh, it was OK, better than I expected actually. The setup is just a rehash of the setup for Civil War, but the rest of the story was engaging enough and the Copiel art was quite nice. Hideous filler in the back though: a Joe Quesada recap of the last seven years which amounted to little more than an ad for a bunch of trades, and some shitty minutes from a meeting between Norman Osborn and the Dark Avengers which included a terrible misprint (they printed one page twice and missed out the one they were meant to include). Hardly enough to justify the $3.99 price tag is it, eh?

The new Walking Dead trade was, of course, ACE! Another complete WTF?! job. They're always grim, but this one clobbers you over the head within five pages. It's the classic Walking Dead trick: moment of hope followed by horrific happening. Works every time.

Haven't had a chance to read anything else. I can tell you that I did pick up a spiffing hardcover collection of Ted McKeever's Eddy Current in the sale. I bought all the issues when they came out in the late 80s, but they perished in the great Brighton wallpaper disaster of 1995, so I was delighted to see this collection at 50% off. It's my second foray into The Gosh sale. There's some fantastic stuff in there. New trades are being added all the time and they're all half price. If you're in the West End, you MUST check it out. Oh, and if you happen to have a taste, (and the budget), for high end silver and bronze age back issues, check out the cracking selection of DC comics on the wall opposite the counter. There are some lovely issues up there, all purchased from the personal collection of comic collecting celeb Paul Gambaccini who, (handy segue, handy segue), recently appeared on Celebrity Mastermind answering questions on DC comics (LINK HERE). Just imagine, you can buy his cast off comics and then wave them at your computer screen as you try to beat his score. Magic!


pulpsfromthebothy said...

I was told no comics delivery at Forbidden Planet in Cambridge today, so didn't bother going there. Maybe they got an unexpected late delivery. I'll be getting my comics tomorrow hopefully, fingers crossed Stumptown is there!

Dom said...

Hope they are there for you mate.
Trade waiting on Stumptown!

Alexander said...

I was pretty shocked to hear Gambaccini's dulcet tones in Gosh during one of my shopping trips. Who would have thought he was a fully fledged comic geek?

Big fan of your blog, by the way.

Jared said...

Really excited about Walking Dead 2.

Not so keen on Siege, but given my lackluster following of continuity MEGAEVENTS (tm), a 7 year recap might actually be quite handy for me.

Dom said...

Alexander: cheers for reading
Jared: They are all good, but vol 11 is one of the strongest Walking Dead trades yet.