Thursday, 21 January 2010

Shopping List

Blimey, is it Thursday already? Here's what I'll be ferreting away in the old nerd sack this week...

Gravel #16
Unread issues of this are piling up like cigarette butts in Warren Ellis's ashtray. I really must make the effort to catch up. Alright, so it's basically a wank fantasy where Ellis imagines what it would be like if HE was some sort of bastard cross between John Constantine and Jack Carter, but I like it all the same.

Blackest Night Flash #2
I can't remember what happened in part one. It doesn't matter. Basically I'm buying this to see Scott Kolins draw The Flash and The Rogues.

Green Lantern Corps #44
Killowog might not raise any eyebrows in the states, but if you're from the UK, he sounds well dodge. When discussing him I always make sure to put particular emphasis on the O.

Joe The Barbarian #1
Bah! I've been writing a comic script about three horrible kids who find themselves in a magical land behind the toilet in their house. They journey through said land fighting monsters and cussing people's mums. I thought it was coming along quite well, but this is probably going to be fucking brilliant and make me want to tear my bilge up. I shall part with the 75p Vertigo are charging to find out.

Phantom Stranger #42
More Blackest Night guff. Given that it's the Phantom Stranger I imagine that this comic will involve a good amount of mystical claptrap, pseudy dialogue and chin-stroking.

Starman #81
Talking of pseudy dialogue and chin-stroking, it's Starman!
I'm reading Starman in the Omnibuses so this will probably spoil the entire story for me.

Jersey Gods #10
Check out Dan McDaid's process HERE. Read his tweets about snooker and Celebrity Mastermind by adding danmcdaid to your twitlists!

Captain America #602
Missed Reborn, can hardly be bothered with this. Stuff it in the nerd sack anyway.

Doctor Voodoo #4
After cancelling Doctor Voodoo, Marvel are attempting to prevent people from jumping off for the final two issues by rebranding the book as a mini series. I'll buy it because I think it's really good, but I do wish they'd give books like this one a chance to build a little momentum before pulling the plug. I mean I understand that there was a big drop in sales between issues one and two, but five issues? Really? At least give the thing the opportunity to build a bit of buzz.

Very different to the porn mag of the same name.

Also planning on picking up volume eight of Drifting Classroom.
Possibly planning on picking up volume three of Detroit Metal City.
Probably going to wait on the reprint of the second Jack Staff trade - I've been hanging on for Image to reprint this bloody thing and here it is, but I've got a birthday coming up and I might get the missus to buy it for me.


Anonymous said...

Another small week for me this week, Captain America #602, Dark Avengers #13 (I don't usually buy this but I am going to because I liked the preview), Spiderwoman #5 (That'll be 4 unread issues on my read pile, but I do love the art so I keep buying) and lastly Joe the Barbarian #1 (which looks great).

Next week is fucking crazy, with ALL my favourite comics coming out in one week!

Dom Sutton said...

Hey Bruce,

Joe The Barbarian WAS great! Can't wait for the rest.

Anonymous said...

Yeah loved Joe the barbarian too! Very promising!