Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Shopping List

Rumour is there won't be any new comics to buy on Thursday. See for yourself.

Appalling news, I'm sure you'll agree.

No matter, I've made a shopping list anyway. Here it is...

The titles in the question mark are possibles. Might pick up one or two of them, might not bother with any, might get the lot. That's just the kind of crazy off-the-cuff way I roll these days. I read The Siege Cabal one shot thing a few weeks ago and fucking hated it. Absolute pile of muddy looking bilge, so it was. Took about ten minutes to read. Ten unenjoyable minutes at that. Why would I give the series proper a crack then? Dunno. I'm mildly excited by the idea that it's going to spell the end of this whole ridiculous Asgard in the midwest bollocks and usher in the return of a proper Avengers comic. No doubt the journey to that point will be deadly dull though.

Really enjoyed Jonah Hex #50, but then it was a Darwyn Cooke special and this isn't, so there's no guarantee that it will be any good. More cowboys (dead ones this time) in Weird Western Tales a Blackest Night one shot written by Dan DiDidio, who (oddly enough) is a decent writer if his Wednesday Comics Metal-Men effort was anything to go by. Should be a laugh. I quite like cowboys, they're this year's vikings dont'cha know?

That's the stuff I might buy then. As for the stuff which, (snow permitting), I'll definitely be shoving in my sack, only one stand-out really - new Walking Dead trade. It'll be read within half an hour of me getting it home cos it's fucking ACE! Oh yes.

Otherwise, last issue of The Mighty and Gigantic. More post-apocalyptic deer-boy shenanigans in Sweet Tooth and a bit of Conan, which is always nice. Oh and another issue of House of Mystery to read - I'm just the 12 issues behind now - clearly I'm locked into a hoarding pattern with this one. Time to catch up or get out I think.


Jared said...

I didn't realize Walking Dead 11 was out. Woohoo!

pulpsfromthebothy said...

2 weeks without comics?.. eek! Looks like your hording pattern might just pay off. One more week without closure on Gigantic? I'm going to have to start again with no.1 as my memory banks have been wiped. I picked up issue 50 of Jonah Hex even though I haven't been reading this title, still need to read that. Bring on the thaw, or should that be Thor?

Dom said...

Actually, looking at Gosh's list I see that the Walking Dread isn't out in the UK this week. Probably be with us in the next few weeks.

Also, now hearing that there will definitely not be any comics delivered tomorrow. Small chance ships will get them on Thursday, but it's not looking good. As you say Pulps, time to get stick into The House of Mystery!

Dom said...

shops not ships
stuck not stick
I'm not too hot at typing on my iPhone

Mr A. P. Salmond, esq. said...

But you meant Walking Dread?

Hur de hur.

Should be a cracking week, eventually. Wasn't in today, so I haven't seen the invoices for the week, but Walking Dead may yet be in there. The Due to Arrive post is only provisional and often doesn't include trades. The In Store posts are based on our actual invoices, so they're the real deal. Should be up tomorrow, but we may hold 'em if the delivery is screwy. Keep yer peepers out!