Monday, 19 October 2009

Big Dave F's Nerdgasm Quiz

To London's magical West End for Big Dave F's Nerdgasm quiz at The Green Man & French Horn. An event which, as the name suggests, the great man has designed specifically with nerds in mind...

And so, starting with number one, (numerically speaking), began a night of multimedia mayhem. A ton of questions on SF, comics, horror flicks and Kung Fu. All dressed up with sound effects, musical interludes, picture rounds and a heap of banter.

The evening drew a nice crowd of people - Star Wars nuts, gender-bending horror fans and Batman-loving beardies. All had a grand time. Foolishly I chose to turn down Dave's request to join one of the teams, preferring to go solo. This meant I finished second from last - just ahead of a team who thought they were turning up for a normal quiz night. No matter, I got all the comics questions right which felt like some sort of victory. Besides, winning wasn't important, I turned up to marvel at Big Dave's showmanship, and I wasn't disappointed.

Yes my friends, this is a quiz with bells on. A night of music hall style fun, as loud and hilarious as Big Dave himself. It only had four rounds, but Dave put so much into the quiz that it took three hours to complete - it's testament to his skills as an entertainer that the time whizzed by in a blur of robot noises and arse-kicking movie soundtracks. It was worth the trip just to see the confused faces of a bunch of French tourists who were forced to eat their pub grub to the deafening strains of the Robocop theme...

Magic stuff!

There were prizes for everybody who entered. Good prizes too. Here are the winners with their box set of Futurama and can of Slurm!

And here's an attractive tattooed lady and her man-friend proudly displaying their Reanimator DVD while asking each other why a fat bloke with a camera phone is taking pictures of them.

Last place finishers were awarded a lavishly decorated vodka bottle. Here Dave explains to their team captain that there will be no current affairs round tonight...

"What do you mean you've never heard of Boba Fett?"

I was awarded The Visual Dictionary of Attack of The Clones, a stunningly bad guide to a terrible film wrapped in a plastic bag advertising bodybuilding food supplements. Awesome booby prize, cheers Dave!

Others left with prizes including Batman figures, badges and a plastic severed ear - "The idea is to come back and keep winning them until you've got enough for a necklace" Dave told the bemused recipient. HAHA!

I'm told by Dave that he plans to hold round two in a month or so. I'll keep you posted and have it in mind to organise an officially sanctioned LLC outing to the event. It really is a top night out.


Anonymous said...

A LLC quiz team! I like the sound of that. Count me IN.

eye-melt said...

Was gonna go, but had too much work to do. Also couldn't round up any more nerds... Mad keen to have a go though.

mr wheatley said...

woo.. that looks great. I'll come to the next one. Nice one Dave