Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Christmas dos, shopping lists and Dan Dare

This blog is headed for quiet mode over the next day or two. I have a works Christmas do to go to tomorrow which will no doubt end in paralytic collapse at a London casino. That's the way these things have tended to pan out for me in the past.

It's possible that I might wipe enough sick from eyes to post some random Youtube effort tomorrow, but that really depends on whether I remember that "beer then wine is fine" and don't forget that "wine then beer is queer". We shall see.

Of course, the sad thing about all day piss ups on Thursday is that I miss new comic day. ARGGGGGGGGGH! Seriously this really upsets me, it's a heavy week. Here's my shopping list...

Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps
Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Ion
Suicide Squad
Wonder Woman
The Boys
Astounding Wolf-Man
Crawlspace xxx zombies

Not a single Marvel title there by the way. Can't remember that happening before. No matter, plenty to look forward to. The Sinestro War stuff is nice, but Wonder Woman and xxx zombies are the real treats here. Plus there's some new Kirkman - the reaction to Wolf-Man seems to have been pretty muted, but I like it a lot.


I keep meaning to write something about the first issue of Dan Dare. It's a comic I enjoyed a good deal and yet I just don't seem to have found the moment to get all Lit Crit on it. So briefly here are a few things I liked about it...

The crew of an intergalalactic battle crusiser drinking mugs of tea on the flight deck.

Strangely unhinged Dan Dare retreating into his fantasy England.

Treen spaceships

The Blairesque PM

I thought the artwork was patchy, but perfect in parts (reminded me of Talbot on Luther Arkwright).

Obviously the real test will come next issue when the Mekon turns up.


Right I'm off to take lots of water on board in preparation for tomorrow's dehydrating alcohol fest. HO HO HO.

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Coach McGuirk said...

Liquor before beer, never fear.
Beer before liquor, throw up quicker.