Sunday, 30 December 2007

Off the top of my head...

In no particular order, here are some comics I enjoyed reading in 2007...

1 All Star Superman
2 Captain America
3 Green Lantern
4 Checkmate
5 Black Summer
6 Crecy
7 The Ultimates Volume II
8 SuperFuckers
9 Special Forces
10 Scott Pilgrim
11 Ireedemable Ant-Man
12 Godland
13 Invincible
14 The Walking Dead
15 New Universal
16 Wolfskin
17 Black Gas

Here are a bunch that I didn't enjoy. Also in no order, apart from Number 1 which was hands down the biggest disappointment of the year...

1 The Ultimates Volume 3, Issue 1
2 Batman
3 Thor
4 Ultimate X-Men
5 Ultimate Fantastic Four
6 Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters
7 Tales from The Crypt (Papercuts reboot)
8 New Avengers
9 2000AD
10 The Brave and the Bold
11 Strange Cases
12 Ex Machina
13 Doctor Sleepless
14 Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer

And a bit of myyeeer for you. I couldn't decide on these. Liked all of them a lot in parts but for various reasons fell out with them all at some point...

1 World War Hulk
2 Civil War
3 Ultimate Spider-Man
4 Midnighter
5 Detective Comics


mr wheatley said...

yes and yes. Though I'd throw in Hellboy as great but only cos i was so late coming to it. Dan Dare? looking interesting. Marvel Zombies? but without the endless covers. The Boys? though the last few issues have become a little dull.
All star Batman?

Dom Sutton said...

I forgot loads, including the ones you mentioned. Criminal was a bad miss.

Thats what happens when I write something in two minutes in the middle of the night after a long evening's work.

How are you. Tried to call you t'other day, but no joy. Sadly Wai Key died. His funeral was a very sad occasion indeed.

mr wheatley said...

oh that is sad. Damn. i was only looking at pictures of him on your facebook yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Jeeeez... Sorry to hear that guys!
I didnt really know him well, but well enough to know he was a nice guy.
Sad, sad, news...